Skip the guesswork. Launch your website with a true professional by your side.


Static Web Hosting

Finding a reliable and trusted service to host your web content is way more difficult than it needs to be. Skip the guesswork and have a human with your interests in mind take care of everything.

  • Wicked fast load times with no overhead
  • Fully managed from domain configuration to website deployment
  • Protected from malicious attacks using Cloudflare
  • Constantly monitored by RAkerman Fallback servers

Ghost Web Hosting

Turn things up a notch with a Ghost Blog. Moving your website away from WordPress and onto Ghost allows you to focus on content rather than web design. Get personalized support from a professional.

  • Everything in Static Web Hosting
  • Custom themes and integrations with 5gb of uploads
  • Full Ghost functionality with unlimited staff and members

Dynamic Web Hosting

A home for your full-stack web projects. Exploding Chickens. RRATFR Manager. Huge projects like these need something beefy to reliably provide service to 1,000's of users. We'll keep a watchful eye over your deployment so that you can focus on development.

  • Everything in Static Web Hosting
  • 10 pulls/service restarts allowed per month
  • Project source code must be viewable in a Github repository

Ghost Web Hosting + Continual Development

Build out your Ghost website over time. Every month, you'll be allotted 2 hours of development time to add new content or modify existing sections on your website. Time does not rollover between months.

  • Everything in Ghost Web Hosting
  • Commonly used to build a personal page in a business website
  • 2 hours of development time to add/modify site sections (additional hours available)
  • Frequent, personal recommendations to drive site growth


Personal Ghost Website Development

Get started with a custom Ghost website. Great for personal portfolios, small business, artists, literally anything that can fit on a single webpage. We'll also throw in SEO management so your site ticks to the top of search results.

  • Home page with up to three sections for your content
  • Custom theme to match your target audience
  • Built-in SEO management with metadata tuning
  • Pairs well with Ghost Web Hosting + Continual Development

Business Ghost Website Development

Pull out all the stops. Get a professionally developed website with support for all Ghost features on release. Home page, check. Blog posts, check. Site pages, check. Free & paid members, check. Everything you'd need on a business website and some.

  • Everything in Personal Ghost Website Development
  • Fully-functioning blog that utilizes the full potential of Ghost
  • Editable pages and posts that allow content to be added in real-time
  • Pairs well with Ghost Web Hosting, Web Graphics Add-on

Web Graphics Add-on

Every website needs stunning graphics to stand out. You can expect images of your facility, commerical products, employees working, and everything in between. Whatever you'd like from a top-tier photography service. Your content and brand in a visual format.

  • High quality digital assets provided by RAkerman Photography
  • Fill in the whitespace on your website with visual content
  • Options for logo & graphics design, video media, and more

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