Hi there, my name is
Radison Akerman.
I lead teams who deliver exceptional digital experiences. Currently, I'm studying CS + Business @ UIC, project managing a team of 7, and co-building Pulqra – a mission capitalist creative marketing collective.
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01. About Me
Portrait of Radison

Hello there! I’m Radison, a creative leader, project manager, computer science student, and professional photographer. My interest in digital technology started back in middle school when I tinkered with microcontrollers and competed in FIRST LEGO League competitions — it turns out you can learn a lot from bits of plastic and expensive servos.

Fast-forward to today, where I’ve had the privilege of working at a R1 research university, a department of the U.S. government, a U.S. Senate campaign, a start-up, and an event management group. Nowadays, you’ll find me relentlessly building and operationally leading Pulqra, a creative marketing collective with over 200 collaborations worldwide.

I’m also juggling quite a few responsibilities at the University of Illinois Chicago. For starters, I am studying computer science and business full-time (with a 4.0 GPA, whoop!). I also project manage 7 web and database developers working on over 10 full-stack web applications for the College of Engineering, part-time.

Making an impact is part of my DNA, especially when it comes to personal projects. I recently gave a 300-level guest lecture at UIC about Exploding Chickens — a popular full-stack card game I built with my friends. We dove deep into project management, design patterns, code review, and test coverage.

Huge projects like Exploding Chickens (built with over 30,000 lines of code!) necessitated an almost business-like structure to coordinate development. The RAkerman Foundation answered this call and now hosts over 12 web services, 2 web products generating revenue, and 5 organizational members.

02. Experience
Where I've Worked
Lasting impacts. Pushing things further.
Project Manager & Info Sec Analyst @ University of Illinois Chicago
Feb 2022 - Present // Chicago, IL
  • Managed a team of 7 web and database developers working on over 10 large-scale, full-stack web applications
  • Integrated new project management software (Paymo) and maintained framework templates/documentation in Github
  • Single-handedly developed and published a Shibboleth (SAML SSO) to Express (Node.js) authentication package on npm
  • Drafted and enforced university IT policies by working with UI system auditors and department leadership
  • Aggregated sensitive data usages/locations and identified exposure risks across all 500+ faculty and staff
Executive Operations Director @ Pulqra
Feb 2020 - Present // United States
  • Co-built and operationally led Pulqra, a mission-capitalist creative marketing collective
  • Reimagined businesses and artists by designing over 5 commercial websites from scratch
  • Rendered services to over 200 clients worldwide — from photography to social media management
Executive Director @ RAkerman Foundation
Apr 2022 - Present // Remote
  • Created a foundation to support bleeding-edge web projects that focus on creativity, not monetary profits
  • Designed, built, and deployed over 12 web services (full-stack to static), along with 2 web products generating self-sustained revenue
  • Recruited, organized, and taught a team of 5 web developers to reduce development time
Digital Lead @ Steven Olikara for U.S. Senate
Apr 2022 - Aug 2022 // Milwaukee, WI
  • Completely rebuilt campaign website from the ground up using Nuxt v3, Tailwinds, visited by 1,000’s of Wisconsinites daily
  • Secured sensitive campaign data and digital infrastructure against cyber attacks using Cloudflare, NGP VAN, Informr
  • Worked with a team of web developers and content creators to rapidly push media; took photographs in the field
Web Security Intern @ U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Sep 2021 - May 2022 // Remote
  • Examined and improved the operational protection strategies of dmeinterns.org through phishing campaigns, pen testing, web scanning tools, WordPress plugin security evaluations, and creation of strict security standards for interns
  • Educated other VA departments on password protocol and breach prevention through Slack
03. Projects
RAkerman Foundation
Exploding Chickens
A beautiful, online alternative to the popular Exploding Kittens card game. Built on Node.js with 600+ games played by 500+ players, led development and a team of 5.
Steven Olikara Website
A foundational website supporting Steven Olikara’s 2022 run for the U.S. Senate in Wisconsin. Completely rebuilt from the ground up with unified colors, textures, and mobile optimizations.
Nuxt v3
Cloudflare Workers/KV
RAkerman Foundation
(In Private Beta) A no-nonsense web form endpoint that enables web developers to handle form submissions faster. Leverages edge compute to offer high request volume and low cost.
Nuxt v3
Cloudflare Workers/KV/R2
Other Neat Stuff
Mighty projects. Huge breadth.
May blow your socks off.
  • Mark 4
    A fourth attempt at Radison Akerman's personal website. Notes of programming, cleanliness, and unification
    Nuxt v3
    Cloudflare Workers/KV
  • Pulqra Website
    A minimalist website showcasing Pulqra's vision, product, and collaborations worldwide
    Nuxt v3
    Cloudflare Workers/KV
  • RAkerman Linker
    A simple url shortener that can be deployed in a pinch on Cloudflare Workers + KV
    Nuxt v3
    Cloudflare Workers/KV
  • Vibhav Bansal Website
    A razor-sharp business portfolio website for a nationwide leader in Neuroscience
    Nuxt v3
    Cloudflare Workers/KV
  • Passport UIC Shibboleth
    A npm package that integrates Shibboleth's SAML SSO with Node.js Express web apps
  • Space and Key
    A full-stack web app streamlining data entry between physical accesses and spaces
    Nuxt v3
04. Get In Touch
What's next? Well, that is up to you. Here's a few options based on what your looking for:
>> A. "I need a group of highly-driven creatives that can do anything"
Check out Pulqra, we'd be thrilled to collab with you over our catalogue of services.
>> B. "HELP! I'm searching far and wide for a leader in computer wizardry"
Take a gander at my resume, if you think we'd be a match (yay!) fill out the good ole' contact form.
>> C. "Whoa. I don't even know where to start but let's chat"
My inbox is always open. I'm constantly running cycling around, so when I come to a stop I'll give you a shout.
Please don't solicit with products + services, I make all of those myself ;-)